Starting a business during a global pandemic or crisis might seem a little crazy. After all, small businesses are closing their doors… And there’s for lease signs plastered across store windows where the opening hours once hung. But if we’ve learnt anything from previous crises – now could be the perfect time to start your own business (even if you’re out of work).

Do you know what Uber, Airbnb, WhatsApp and Kickstarter all have in common? Well, these life-changing startups were all founded during the last Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Even Apple, Disney and Microsoft came from adverse times.

And while being out of work during a financial crisis is nothing to celebrate – it can often make way for creativity and innovation…

And that’s exactly what happened to me when I began my business, CFO Babe.

Starting A Business From Home During A Global Crisis

I’m Jennifer Khoo, and I founded CFO Babe during the global pandemic. I started my business after discovering that the number of female solopreneurs in New Zealand and Australia was rising. It was a shimmer of hope during these adverse times.

And so, I decided I wanted to support these busy, inspiring and ambitious women – both financially and professionally. That’s when CFO Babe was born.

CFO Babe is a boutique finance hub – blending bookkeeping, accounting, consulting and community. I work with female entrepreneurs anywhere, anytime through virtual cloud-based solutions – helping them to adapt and thrive in the face of changing times.

Here’s My Business Struggles So Far

Starting a business is challenging enough as it is – but during a global pandemic? It’s a whole different ball game. Well, that’s been my experience so far. So if you’re deciding whether to kickstart your dream business – here’s what I’ve learnt in 2020…

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