How Outsourcing Helped Me Build My Business (And Why You Should Outsource, Too). 

As I take a deep breath after the excitement of launching CFO Babe, I can’t help but reflect on the last 6 months. Building a business in 2020 had its fair share of ups, downs and roundabouts.  But when I decided to outsource parts of my business to a wonderful, talented team of women – it was the silver lining I needed. I immediately felt supported, motivated and confident.

I learnt that outsourcing doesn’t just save you time – it’s an investment in the success of your business. So, here’s why you should outsource in your small business, too. But first…

A Warm, Heartfelt Thank You To…

Emma from Found Creative

The mastermind behind the CFO Babe branding and logo. Before I began with Emma, I had no idea how much went into a brand’s visual identity. It’s not just a matter of sketching a logo in an afternoon – there’s research, strategy, creativity and refinement. Great things take time, after all.

Emma was clear, straight to the point, organised and efficient. Being a Mum herself, it was comforting for me to relate on a deeper level… You know, beyond just doing business.

Sam from Copy Circle

Patient and responsive, Sam walked me through the entire copywriting process. Similarly to branding, I had little idea of the copywriting process before I began. So, it was reassuring to have Sam go above and beyond to support my business and make suggestions. She put into words what I was struggling to articulate. But not only that, we could chat for hours via zoom (and not just about business!)

Ange from Resonate Imagery

And finally, Ange brought it all together. Creative, knowledgeable and efficient – I can’t thank Ange enough for the stunning (and functional) web design she delivered. Through Ange, I discovered new ways of working remotely – in particular working with a Trello board. It was a great way to collaborate and share ideas.

By working with Emma, Sam and Ange, I didn’t just get a helping hand with my business. I made connections and learnt new skills that I’ll carry with me throughout my business life…

So, From One Small Business Owner To Another – Here’s Why You Should Outsource…

As small business owners (and, well, humans), we can’t be great at everything. Sure, we can wear a gazillion different hats. But we can’t run away from the fact that we only have so many hours in the day.

And when I worked with these 3 remarkable women, I learnt so much about the power of outsourcing. They helped me lay the foundations of a standout brand. I had access to their skills and know-how… Something I’d struggle to achieve had I tried to do it alone.

You see, when you invest in outsourcing:

  • You reduce your hours worked
  • You save a whole lot of time
  • You get access to skilled professionals
  • You have more time to focus on your business

And of course, you build strong, supportive relationships with like-minded business owners. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that building a network of skilled professionals to act as side-kicks to your small business is powerful stuff.

As businesswomen, we can go so much further when we do it together.

So, if you’re launching your small business and weighing up whether or not to outsource – my advice is to go for it! Of course, everyone has their own budget considerations, which means you may have to prioritise which task you need the most help with. It could be marketing, copywriting, web design, branding or bookkeeping. But done well, it’s an invaluable investment.

And if numbers aren’t your thing, I can help.

CFO Babe is a boutique finance hub, blending bookkeeping, accounting consulting and community. Whether you’re just starting out or already an established brand – we’ll help you clarify your finances, direction and opportunities for growth.

Outsourcing your numbers can help you lower costs, plan for the future and give you the tools for success. Curious? Book a Free 30 Minute Consultation today.